Holiday Gift Guide For Microbe Lovers

Time to shop for your fellow microbe lovers (or to start dropping hints to your loved ones about what you want for the holidays). So, here is a guide with the most wonderful microbial gifts I could find. I hope one of these items suits you!



Bacteriophage Watercolor Print – CocoMilla

This colorful watercolor print is perfect for any bacteriophage lover.

Microbe Collection Watercolor Print – Sandra Black Culliton

Like peering into a microscope, this painting features beautiful soft colored microbes. I have this hanging over my desk!


Big Indigo Virus – Original Ink Painting on Yupo – Virology Art – Artologica

I adore this ink painting of viruses by the incredibly talented Michele Banks.


Bacterial cell shapes shift dress (orange/yellow) (science dress) –  Vivid Biology

A dress with bacteria on it! Yes, please!

E. coli Bacterium Science T-Shirt – Screenology

Screenology has some excellent microbe shirts, but this is one of my favorites.

Microbial Resistance T-shirt Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Frank Santoriello

Frank Santoriello has an assortment of items in his shop featuring his artwork, but this long-sleeve microbial resistance shirt is perfect for the cold weather.


Groovy Microbes Leggings – JUST3Js

These colorful leggings with microbes are just too good not to get.

Microbial diversity Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Jellie

A shirt with a bunch of different microbes on it by Ellie Jameson. Perfect!

Mushroom Mania Chiffon Top – The Vexed Muddler

How wonderful is this mushroom shirt by The Vexed Muddler?

Foodborne Six Black Tie – Infectious Awareables

Here’s a statement piece for tie wearers.

Microbiology Infinity Scarf – Aslidesign

Such a wonderful colorful microbe scarf. I just can’t even. I love it.

Physarum Polycephalum Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Lumot

A slime mold (blob) shirt. This is amazing.


MRSA Staphylococcus aureus Bacteria Dangle Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings – The Chocolate Menagerie

I love these adorable bright yellow Staph earrings, especially how they are mismatched.

Candida albicans and krusi on Chromagenic Agar – SciHutcH

Yeast earrings for the fungi lover!

Tardigrade Necklace – somersault18:24

An elegant tardigrade necklace. How great is this?

Yeast Cell Locket – TaylorCustom

I love the intricacy of this budding yeast locket.

Microbial Earrings – MicrobiallySpeaking

These are 3D-printed versions of the viruses Phi X and Adenovirus. By purchasing these earrings, you would be supporting Dr. Anne A. Madden and Leonora Shell’s non-profit “Microbially Speaking,” which aims to share how amazing microbes are with the world.

18K Gold Petri Dish earrings  – ShopMicrobi

These petri dish earrings are stunning!

Other Awesome Stuff

Partigrade Tardigrade Laptop Sleeve – Amoeba Sisters 

Hey tardigrade fans, look at this adorable “partigrade” laptop sleeve!

GIANTmicrobes Themed Gift Boxes – Exotic Vacation – GIANTmicrobes

(Affiliate link — see my disclosure policy)

Here’s something for the kids or for you to keep on your desk. Giant Microbes stuffed microbes are a great #SciComm conversation piece.

W for Winogradsky Column Microbiology Alphabet – stitchingscience

Go to Charlotte Roughton’s Etsy shop and check out her delightful microbiology cross stitch pieces, especially her microbiology alphabet! I’m in love with this one because of my deep love for Winogradsky columns (learn about Winogradsky columns here).

Pseudomonas aeruginosa cross stitch – Watty’s Wall Stuff and Cross Stitchery

I studied Pseudomonas aeruginosa for my PhD, so I had to choose this cross stitch, but Watty’s Wall Stuff and Cross Stitchery has many more microbes to choose from.

Bacteria cookie cutter – Bakerlogy

A cookie-cutter for bacteria lovers!

Microbiology Button or Magnet Set – Roocharms

I have these magnets with adorable microbes on my refrigerator, and they always make me smile.

Yeast Anatomy Print Mug – chytridoodles

This shop sells lots of different items (clothing, pillows, tote bags, stationery, and more) with this print on it, but I especially like this mug.

MudWatt STEM Kit – Magical Microbes

(Affiliate link — see my disclosure policy)

Create electricity from microbes in the soil! This would be a great gift for kids but also for adults. Learn more about the MudWatt on Mostly Microbes by Dr. Anne Estes.

Microbiology Word Magnets – Genius Lab Gear

Have fun making up microbiology poetry with this microbiology word magnet set.

Cute Fat Bacteria Sticker Set – MicrobesandBeyond

How adorable are these microbe stickers?

Home microscope Swift SW380B – Swift

(Affiliate link — see my disclosure policy)

Get a home microscope! If you’d like to do a little more research before choosing one, you can learn about the microscope I have at home, the Swift SW380B, in this previous post. I describe my personal experience using it, suggest some accessories to buy with it, and give you an activity to try out.

So, that’s it! I hope you found something you love. 

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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